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About Charles Pickens

Charles Pickens has represented the very finest in hair and hair-styling, from contemporary to classic, for over 35 years. With a vast spectrum of international influences and experience gained in his time in New York, LA and Canada, under such auspices as Sassoon, Rusk and many more, Charles Pickens provides clients with the highest standards of service in the hair industry in a warm, unpretentious environment. "We take pride in both classic, core disciplines, and innovation. Hair is a living thing, always growing and evolving, and so must we. I want my guests to  feel genuine warmth, and to walk away feeling good about themselves."

The Highest Standards In The Industry

We are a cutting edge salon that provides a complete array of services, including sophisticated hair-styling, specialty treatments and full consultations along with our cuts and coloring services. We are committed to working closely with our clients and providing you with the very best in personalized, creative, and innovative hair services. As leaders in the industry, delivering excellence is our goal, and exceeding your expectations is our promise.

Our guarantee

"As the stylist, I want my clients to be super pleased - in fact, absolutely delighted - with everything I do. So, all of my serives come with an iron-clad, risk-free guarantee. What does that mean? Simply this: if you aren't happy with my work, I'll do it over for free. If you're still not thrilled, you can have your money back. No questions asked, no hard feelings. It's your choice. I stand behind my work 100%. If you have any questions or concerns about my work, please call me right away." - Charles Pickens

A Full Range Of Services

Charles Pickens offers a full range of fully customizable services for its clients, ranging from individualized haircuts to balayage and all coloring serices available today. We also offer panel toning, waves for texture, hair extensions and Keratin smoothing treatments. Our stylists regularly attend training programs to further hone their skills, broaden their techniques and stay up to date on the latest trends in hair and client care.


To schedule a consultation or reserve your booking, call (215) 884-8888 or send us an email.

Several personalized services are also available. Prices are adjusted according to the complexity of the service.


What our clients say

I have thick, wavy, 48 year-old hair and a very busy life.  When I went in, I gave Charles  very little direction – basically just “do something with this mess!”. Charles gave me a cut that looks fantastic when it’s styled and almost equally fantastic when all I have time to do is wash and go — Just what I need!  He also did a remarkable job of coloring my hair, subtle and natural.   I would send anyone there but if you have curls, Charles is your man.


I would give Charles 10 stars.  He is awesome.  I completely trust him to give me the best style for my face and age.  I have had 3 cuts so far and not only do I love them but I get compliments from women I know and from strangers.  I’ve even had men comment on my hair.

I have a few requirements:  to be able to pull my hair back into a ponytail and for a “wash and wear” cut; he delivers every time.  I really don’t have to do too much to my hair after washing.  I can air dry it and it still looks good.  If I want a little more volume, I blow dry upside down without having to take a styling brush to it.  Can’t beat that.

He gives me time and attention while I’m in the chair; never rushing and making sure he is more than satisfied with his work.

I love that he makes me a cup of espresso before we get started- now that is service.

If you are looking for a new stylist with a ton of experience but is still fresh and creative- Charles is it.

Rebecca L. C.

I have very thick, coarse, wavy, difficult-to-cut hair. I’ve been to some of the best salons in New York City, and they didn’t hold a candle to Charles’ skill and talent. He is truly an artist. Even my brother, who didn’t notice when I had to start wearing glasses full time, commented positively on my cut, and that was many weeks after having Charles tame my locks.
I’m delighted that Charles decided to open his own salon. He did a fantastic job renovating and decorating the space, and it is another testament to his fantastic eye.
Every day can be a good hair day if you go to Charles!

Rachel K.

I first came to Charles a couple of years ago, after moving to the area from Houston TX. I contemplated trying to find a salon in the city, but decided to give him a try after seeing his name all over posts on different websites. I am so glad I did! His cut was **fantastic**. I was so impressed by his skills. He managed to transform my often frizzy natural waves into lovely curls with a great shape that continued to look great for weeks after I walked out the salon doors!

That was two years ago…and I was just as thrilled this past weekend when I found him at his new place. Even without looking forward to the perks he plans to offer (herbal teas and BYOB!!!), I am looking forward to the next appointment!

Jen F.
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